USGS: Seismic activity falls for 3rd straight year, down 83% since 2015

PA seismic 1.jpg

Seismic activity of 3.0 magnitude or greater has plummeted 83 percent since 2013, according to a U.S. Geological Survey preliminary report, which highlights the positive effects of the collaborative relationship between Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas industry and state regulators in working together to address the seismicity issue.

This latest data marks the third year in a row of declines in seismic activity, despite a 20 percent increase in oil production and a 64 percent increase in rig counts over the same period. OIPA-OKOGA President Chad Warmington has previously praised the “measured approach” taken by state regulators.

OIPA-OKOGA has worked closely with state regulators to address the issue head-on, and continues to take active steps to provide transparent, real-time data with researchers that will help protect the public while ensuring responsible production of our state’s natural resources.

Angie LaPaglia