Featured speaker, Doug Suttles, President and CEO of Encana inspires Oklahomans at the Alliance Wildcatters Luncheon

An innovative leader in oil and natural gas motivated hundreds of Oklahomans at The Alliance Wildcatters Luncheon.

“We’re really, really glad to be here in Oklahoma," said Doug Suttles, President and CEO of Encana. "It’s a great place to do business. It’s pro-business, it supports the industry, it’s got great people, it’s got a great service sector.”

Suttles shared some words of wisdom and how Encana became one of the largest production companies.

“We're the world’s 2nd biggest unconventional producer, it’s what we do, it’s where our expertise is and it’s what we like to do," said Suttles. "We think that driving innovation is how you actually create value over time.”

And on the issues the industry is facing, he says more needs to be done on educating the public; explaining the benefits of oil and natural gas.

For example, showing how we provide the energy everyone needs to heat our homes, fuel our cars and bring food and goods to the market, so we should be unapologetic.

"People should be proud of what they do in this business that's made the world what it is today," said Suttles. "People are all worried about climate and we've got to help figure out how to help in that conversation, but it doesn't start with an apology because we've made the world work."

As the industry continues to use cutting edge technology to increase efficiencies while reducing environmental impact, Suttles wants to remind officials of the industry's vital role in our state's economy.

"We've got to engage with folks on that conversation so that the policymakers and the politicians make smart decisions," said Suttles.

Kelly Roliard